The Changeabout Card


Spectator selects a card and returns it to the deck, which is then thoroughly shuffled. Performer says that he will cause the selected card to jump to the top of the deck. He then shows the top card of the deck and it is NOT the selected one, so he places it on the table. Twice again he fails to make the selected card come to the top, and each time he places the card on the table. A spectator is then asked to choose one of the three cards and the chosen card mysteriously changes into the selected one.


Have spectator draw a card from the deck, remember it, and then return it to the deck where you cut it. Place your left little finger over the selected card and do the SIMPLIFIED PASS, bringing the card to the top.

Hold deck in left hand, backs of cards up. Fan deck a little to the right so that you can insert left little finger under the top three cards. Square deck. Say to spectator who selected card:

"Before going any farther, let me ask you -- is the top card your card?"

Pick up the three top cards as one with your right hand and show the third card as the top one. "It is not."

Replace the three cards on the deck and square up. Fan cards again and get little finger of left hand under top two cards. Square deck.

"In that case, it might prove an interesting experiment to cause the card you selected to appear instantaneously on top of the deck."

Lift the two cards as one and show second card.

Spectator denies it, of course. Release cards on deck and square up, immediately slipping top card halfway off the deck into right hand.

"That is peculiar. I seldom make a mistake like that. I will just lay this card down on the table and try again."

Cut deck and riffle the cards once.

Place top card on table.

"We should be successful this time."

Lift up top card again and show.

"Is this it? No? That is, indeed, strange!"

Place card on table a few inches to left of first card placed on table.

"The third time should surely be successful."

Riffle cards once again and lift off top card.

"No? This isn't your card either? We'll toss that one here."

Place third card at right side of first card a few inches away.

Figure 5 shows arrangement of cards with selected card in the middle.



Fit. s itLFCTEP


"Three times I have failed to discover your card. Please touch one of the three cards on the table now."

If you lay the cards so that the middle one is nearest the spectator, he will usually touch that one. If he does, then say:

"Just keep your hand firmly upon it."

Turn the other two cards face up.

"I have given you free choice of any of the three cards which you say are not yours. Therefore, your card is some place in the deck. By the way, what was your card? The Queen of Diamonds?"

Riffle deck with left thumb.

"Did you hear that noise? When I ran my thumb over the cards, I caused the card under your hand to jump suddenly up into the deck and change places with the selected card. which is now under your hand. Lift up that card. Is it your selected card, sir? It is!"

Have spectator show card.


In case spectator selects one of the two end cards instead of the middle one, then push that card aside, turn it over, and say that you will eliminate that one. Ask spectator to choose one of the two remaining cards. If he takes the selected card, finish the experiment as before. If not, merely discard the other card also and proceed with experiment.

Two kings are moved from the deck. A card is chosen and returned to the deck, and then the deck is shuffled. First one king is placed in the deck and next to it the other one is placed, both extending about half way. Performer states that the kings are very clever detectives and a burglar could not escape them. Supposing that the selected card is a burglar, it will not take long far the kings to find him. Magician moves kings up and down. Suddenly he pulls them out of the deck and shows the selected card to be between them.


Remove two kings from the deck and place them on the table. Fan rest of cards and have one selected.

Square up deck and fan it again, separating deck about in half. Hold one portion in each hand, Figure 6.

Have selected card placed on top of left-hand portion. With left thumb push it over to right about half an inch, Figure 7.

Place packet from right hand on left-hand portion, and as you do so, bend the lower right-hand corner of selected card with third finger of right hand, Figure 8.

Figure 9 shows view underneath the cards. Selected card should project enough so that you can bend the corner easily.

Square up the cards and pass to a spectator to shuffle overhand.

Turn cards up now so that one can see bent corner at top edge. Audience, of course, must not see it, see Figure 10.

Pick up one of the kings from the table and insert it into the deck in front of the selected card. You give



Figure 9 shows view underneath the cards. Selected card should project enough so that you can bend the corner easily.


the impression that you are inserting it at random anywhere in the deck. Insert king about half way, Figure 11.

Pick up the other king and insert it in similar manner BEHIND the selected card. The result is the selected card is between the two kings, Figure 12.

"Few people realize that the kings in a deck are really wonderful detectives. Very few things escape them. Should a burglar get into the kingdom, he would have little chance against the wit of these two kings. For instance, let us say that the card the gentlemen selected here is a burglar and that he has been shuffled somewhere among the many other inhabitants of the deck. Though you or I might have difficulty in finding him, it is but a moment's work for the kings to locate him."

Hold the deck at the sides in your left hand. Tap the kings a little, pushing them downward about an inch. Pull them up again and repeat until the selected card has come up even with the kings. Each time you raise and lower the kings, the middle card automatically comes upward, Figure 13.

Pull kings from deck and fan them, showing the selected card to be between them, Figure 14. "Was this your card, sir? The Ten of Diamonds? There it is right between the kings."

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