The Chair Method

A Chair Servante is easy to make. Have a fancy drape over front of chair and pin up the back to form a bag in which to dispose of the dye tube. Place two thumb-tacks through cloth at top of chair to hold it in place, Figure 91.

As you remove colored silks from tube, lay them over back of chair. When time comes to dispose of dye tube, hold hand back of the chair and over Servante and drop tube quickly, Figure 92, next page.

If you use this type of Servante, a handy holder for the loaded tube before you use it is made of two

curved pieces of metal, tacked to back of table or chair, Figure 93. Figure 94 shows loaded tube resting on holder.

Chinese Girl Assistant Method

If using an assistant, you may have her dressed in Chinese costume with wide sleeves. Make a small Servante and pin it to her right sleeve. Have her enter from right and keep her right side toward audience so that

she can keep Servante concealed, Figure 95.

As you remove silks from tube, place them over assistant's outstretched right arm. At proper time, dispose of tube in Servante in assistant's sleeve. Have her arrange silks over Servante and exit with them, Figure 96.

An Easy Get-Away

A simple ruse to use when you have an assistant is this: Have assistant bring her left hand up to bottom of paper tube when you are ready to dispose of dye tube and catch dye tube in palm of hand. Then assistant removes silks from right arm with left hand, concealing tube. This eliminates the use of a Servante.

The Pocket Method

I have used this method on occasions when I had no chance to prepare a chair or table and had no assistant.

Tube is loaded and in right coat pocket. On top of it are the three white silks. Remove the silks and place them over your left forearm. Hold sheet of paper in left hand and turn left side to audience to show silks.

Reach into right pocket with right hand and Finger Palm the dye tube. Keep back of hand to audience and turn to face audience again, Figure 97.

Grasp paper between hands as in Figure 98, keeping tube concealed in right hand.

Bring left hand outward and down with upper edge of paper to show other side. You have now shown both sides of paper without exposing tube, Figure 99.

Bring hands back to former position again, Figure 100.

Bring right hand up behind paper with tube and grasp It at top edge of paper in left hand. Roll tube up in the paper, giving impression that you are merely rolling up paper, Figure 101.

Proceed with dyeing experiment. If a chair is handy, lay silks over top of it. As you place second colored silk over chair, turn left side to audience, bring right hand to coat pocket, and drop dye tube in pocket, see Figure 102.

Another Get-Away with tube is this:

When red silk is removed from tube, hold it in left hand, Figure 103.

hand. Figure 105. V

Hold green silk between third and fourth fingers of right hand and take paper tube from left hand, allowing dye tube to slip into left palm, Figure 106.

Place green silk from right hand over dye tube in left, Figure 107. Place both silks with tube in left coat pocket, allowing silks to show.

Finish experiment by removing blue silk from paper tube and showing paper tube empty, Figure 108.

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