The Card Transfer

The following move teaches you the principle of transferring cards from one packet to another. Study it carefully and practice it until you can perform it perfectly.

Your hands are in this position. Fig. 7. A designates the top three cards on the left hand packet.

As you ask for handkerchief, quickly pass packet in right hand over packet in left hand. Fig. 8.

Place your right thumb against the A section (top three cards) of packet in left hand. Your little finger separates these three cards from rest of packet so that it will not be difficult to grasp them with thumb of right hand. The first joints of second and third fingers of right hand bear down on the front end of the three cards. Fig. 9.

Carry these three cards away at bottom of packet in right hand. Bring them up against the rest of packet. Fig. 10.

This whole move is done very quickly. It must appear that you merely passed the right hand past the left as a gesture in asking for the handkerchief. You must not hesitate an instant in bringing away the three cards from left packet. Finish leaves right hand up in front of spectator for a moment. Fig. 11, next page.


"Thank you, that one will do nicely. I will have you wrap the TWELVE cards I hold here in the handkerchief. Wrap them securely so that no cards can get in or out without your knowing it."

Spectator wraps packet of fifteen cards in handkerchief. Fig. 12. Of course, audience and spectator think that packet contains twelve cards.

"Hold them in your right hand, up about shoulder height, so that the audience can see them. Now, to make sure that the gentleman placed TWELVE cards in my left hand, I will count them again."

Your next move is to prove that the NINE cards which you hold are TWELVE.

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