The Cabinet

The illustrations will show the construction very nicely. The cabinet would be well to be paneled and use three-ply lumber, or for temporary use wallboard. The sides should be held together with pin hinges or bolts and wing nuts and cabinet held to bottom in like manner. In this way cabinet can be easily taken apart for packing. The top consists of a lid which is hinged at rear and opens from the front. The front side of cabinet opens as a door. Twenty-seven holes are bored in the front side of cabinet and a like number in the rear, 3/8 to 3/4 inch in diameter. Figure 8, next page, gives a view of cabinet from the front and Figure 9, next page, a cross section from the side. Fig. 10 gives a cross section looking from above downward.

Fig. 8 gives dimensions. There should be about 8-1/2 inches between the center of each hole.

The front and back side are about 25 inches wide. The box proper to which they attach is only about 221/2 inches (outside measurements), being about 20-1/2 to 21 inches inside measurement. The reason of the extra width of door over box is so as to allow more room between outside holes in door and the side edges of door thereby apparently bringing the two outer lines of holes near the center of box.

It is tricks like this that go into illusion building, so as to help perfect an illusion.

Figure 11, next page shows a slightly different arrangement of the holes. In this arrangement there are 26 instead of 27. Either system is effective.

The cabinet should be nicely decorated so as to make it quite attractive.

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