The Butterfly Silk

This is a beautiful flash for a finish and can be made from six to nine feet square. Get 36-inch width Chinese silk and sew pieces together to get required size. Hang on wall when finished and paint a large, brightly-colored butterfly on it.


When all your apparatus is made, the following preparation is necessary.

Open the door of one side of lantern and pack it with as many of the folded small silk lanterns as possible. Then close door and secure it with catch. In the other sides pack balance of lanterns and the folded silks and lock the doors with catches. A roll of half-inch ribbon may be placed in one side for production.

The Butterfly silk is usually not placed in box but is concealed on assistant. If a man assistant is used, the folded silk may be suspended from a clip under his coat or may be pinned or clipped to his back. If a girl assistant is used, she may have it attached to her back or placed in a specially decorated pocket in back of Chinese coat. Large silk can also be concealed in rear of back of chair, Figure 23.


Lantern is standing on table with lid on it. Remove lid, show it freely, and set it to one side. Or place lid on assistant's head for a hat. Figure 24.


Reach into lantern and open door o catch and hold door until it is down on Remove a lantern by the handle and le Figure 25.

Pick up lantern and hold it up so th flat down on table as shown in Figure 16 Pick up lantern again, open it, and show upright position.

Pick up lantern and hold it up so th flat down on table as shown in Figure 16 Pick up lantern again, open it, and show upright position.

Place lantern on a bamboo pole or stick held by assistant, or hang on nearby hook for stage decoration. Continue producing the lanterns and hanging them up until all are out of the box, Figure 26.

If placed on pole carried by assistant, she can easily carry pole offstage and then come back. A cord or wire may be stretched across stage on which to hang lanterns. If you are going to do this, attach a clip or hook to handle of each lantern, or attach enough hooks to wire to hold lanterns.

Fasten door of side from which production was just made inside of box and show box empty.

Now open door containing silk load and remove silks one at a time, displaying them and placing them alternately over each of assistant's shoulders, Figure 27.

After last silk has been displayed and laid on assistant's shoulders, gather up these silks and under cover of them, pick up the big butterfly silk or flag. Assistant grasps one of the buttons on it and you grasp the other. Pull away from assistant with a flourish so that butterfly silk or flag opens out quickly. Allow the other silks to drop to the floor as you display the big silk. This makes a nice finish for the effect, Figure 28.

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