The Burning Cigarette And Silk Handkerchief


After showing both hands empty, performer places a lighted cigarette into his left hand, closes his hand and suddenly reopens it. The cigarette has been transformed into a silk handkerchief.


2 -- A silk handkerchief, about 13 inches square.

MODUS OPERANDI (Method of Working): To Prepare:

Wrap handkerchief around Thumb Tip. Tuck the free end well in so that handkerchief is secure. Do not have handkerchief too tight for it must be released easily when the time comes, Figure 61.

Have prepared Tip in one of your right pockets.

To Perform:

SECRETLY get Tip on right thumb.

Hold palm of left exposed to audience and back of right hand to audience. Bring your hands together, Figure 62.

Place right fingers in front of left hand and thumb behind, Figure 63.

Raise right fingers, still keeping thumb behind left hand. This exposes palms of both hands to audience, Figure 64.

Bring right fingers down again, then pull right hand away from left, and show backs of both hands to audience.

As you show back of left hand, bring right hand over to it and get Thumb Tip into left palm. Close left hand around Tip and handkerchief.

Take a lighted cigarette from a spectator or one of your own, break it in half, and show it freely. Place it in closed left hand, getting it into Tip, Figure 65.

Push right thumb into Tip. Free Tip from handkerchief and bring it out with thumb pointed directly at audience to conceal it. Show palm of right hand empty, then back of hand.

Open left hand gracefully, exposing the silk in it. With movements of left fingers open up the silk and then hold it between your hands to show it to audience, Figure 66.

Performer makes an imaginary cigarette and places it in his mouth. This is all done in pantomime. He takes a box of matches from his pocket, lights a match and brings it up to his mouth. Suddenly a real cigarette appears between his lips and he lights it with the match.



The match box must be prepared to hold a cigarette.

One way is to take the drawer of the box and with a piece of playing card or thin cardboard, wall off a space to hold a cigarette. If you get this cardboard the proper length, the ends of the box will hold it in place. Cut a space through one end of the drawer into which a cigarette can be passed easily. Now fill the box with matches, and place a cigarette in the tube for it, Figures 67 and 68.

An easier way of preparing box is to cut a hole in one end of drawer large enough for the cigarette. Place cigarette in drawer, fill box with matches to cover cigarette completely, and push drawer into cover of box, Figures 69 and 70, next page.

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