The Board

Board may be decorated or left plain. On back of board about one-third the distance from one edge, drive two nails about nine inches apart. Nails should be short and allowed to extend from board about three-sixteenths of an inch. Heads of nails should be about three-eighths of an inch in diameter. Now when pan A is slipped under nails on back of board, opening to board, it is held securely in place, Figure 79.

Figure 80 shows pan in relation to board.

Place the two doves in pan A and adjust the special top over pan as in Figure 78B. Place pan on board with edge resting under nails. Have E of special cover pointing down and F up. Place board with pan behind it on chair, resting one edge on seat and other edge against back. C edge of board with F tip of special cover are up, Figure 81.

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