If you prefer, you may have two napkins rolled into balls and placed in right coat pocket, together with the two napkins which should be folded. You will find that you have no difficulty when reaching into pocket for napkin to bring out a ball concealed in palm of right hand. This method is very handy when you have to work without preparation or are so situated that you cannot arrange napkins on table without being detected.

You may also dispense with hat and pencil and use a pocket knife instead, which you can have in right trousers' pocket. In reaching for pocket knife, leave ball of torn pieces behind in pocket. You will find that this way of working makes the effect entirely impromptu.

This is a good banquet trick where paper napkins are used. During the course of the banquet, get two extra napkins. Roll them into balls and place in right coat pocket. Get knife into right trousers' pocket. Instead of a knife, a half dollar can be used. If half dollar is used, you can explain "the power of money." Merely touch ball with money. "Cross your palm with fifty cents," as the gypsy fortune teller would say.

When you start to perform, simply reach over and pick up a paper napkin from the table.


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