Let us assume that the King of Clubs was the selected card. Reach into pocket and remove the Eight of Clubs -- this gives the suit. Then say, "The King? That's the thirteenth card."

Nod your head and show the Eight in your hand.

Reach into pocket and quickly remove the Four of Hearts. "Four are twelve and ..."

Reach into pocket quickly again and remove the Ace of Diamonds. "One are thirteen."

Sometimes it is necessary to count the card in the hand and sometimes not.

I have oftentimes varied the effect by using SEVEN arranged cards instead of four, adding a Jack, Queen, and King. Then when anyone called out a court card as the selected one, it was easy to produce a duplicate.

Again I have worked with thirteen arranged cards, beginning with the Ace and ending with the King. This method, of course, can be used only when you can arrange the cards secretly in advance. In this method of working, you may have the cards in your pocket when you begin the effect.

Any other combination of suits for the Eight, Four, Two, and One cards may be substituted for those which I have given you. The working principle involves these four numbers and the four suits regardless how arranged.

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