This experiment may be worked up with various stories for the patter.

Another angle of the patter presentation is to tell the story of the hero of true blue, using a double blue handkerchief, and the hero-een of blushing red, using a red handkerchief. Then comes the double-dyed villain for which you use a silk of many colors with one blue corner extending out of double blue silk. The hero and hero-een get married and knotted together. Then the villain says, "I shall get between them yet." Jerk out the silks from the glass, after vanishing a duplicate handkerchief for the villain, and show that the villain has come between them.

Here is another comedy version. After placing the two knotted handkerchiefs together in glass, show half a dozen small silks of various colors. Say, "Ah, where are we? We are in heaven. And who are these? Little children looking for a home—Rose, Mike, Jim, Pete, Sally, and Ambrose. Shall we send them down to earth? No sooner said, than done."

Vanish the small silks (duplicates of silks placed inside of double blue handkerchief). Jerk silks out of glass and show that the small silks have appeared between the two large ones which audience saw you place therein.

This experiment is fine for use in silent Oriental acts. The silks can be large with Chinese patterns on them. A large silk with some prominent figure on it can be vanished and then made to appear between the other two silks.

Some time ago, Odin, a French Magician, made a great impression by using silks with wide borders. You can work up a good effect by using bright-colored silks, all with white or the same colored borders, Figure 52.

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