You can build up many combinations for the above illusion. For instance, you could have two trap doors in the back drop a few feet apart. Place the slat screen in front of one, walking behind it to show audience that they can see right through it. Then pull string to cover open spaces in screen. Now set up platform in front of other trap door in curtain. Place girl on platform and cover her with Handy Parlor Screen. She vanishes, going out through trap door and across to other trap door. She comes out and stands behind slat screen. Upon your command, she pulls string which opens the slats. The illusion is that she has suddenly appeared behind the slat screen.

Or instead of using Handy Screen on platform, girl may be vanished under cover of cloth.

With costume changes, an impressive pantomime of transformations, appearances, and disappearances could be worked up with this illusion as a foundation.

More and more illusions worked out for your advantage. Selections from the cream of the illusionist's art.



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