If you are working at a public performance with many strangers, you may pass out a few slips for spectators to write questions on. Gather slips in a Changing Bag or Spirit Basket, as described to you earlier in the course. On all the duplicate slips, have the same question written, perhaps something dealing with a local problem. Have a spectator reach into bag or basket and remove a question, reading it aloud. You then untie the slates and show the answer.

A simple method of forcing a slip of paper involves the use of a soft, felt hat. Push crown of hat up to form two compartments. Place duplicate slips, all containing the same questions, in A, Figures 30 and 31.

Place right hand under compartment A, squeezing it tight from the outside to conceal duplicate slips, Figure 32.

After spectators have written slips, have them dropped into hat and they will fall into compartment B. While talking, pass hat to left hand, squeezing compartment B closed with left hand and releasing compartment A. Shake hat up and down to mix duplicates and have spectator select one. He brings out a duplicate, of course, containing the question you had written. Slates are opened to show answer to question.

The slate writing method is good for the mathematical problem in Lesson 8, in which various spectators call numbers and the total mysteriously appears on a card — in this case, on the slate.

Performer shows two blank slates and places a small piece of chalk between them. They are given to a spectator to hold, and when they are opened, it is found that a message has mysteriously appeared between them.

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