For performing on the stage or in club work, I vary the presentation of the experiment. Instead of placing the balls in a row in front of the bowls, I place the balls of each color in a saucer so that they can be seen. They cannot be seen when lying in a row flat on table.

If you will use a red bowl, a white bowl, and a blue bowl and in front of each have a similar colored saucer, and then place the balls of like color on each saucer, you will have a very effective means of presentation.

Be careful that during progress of trick no one can see into bowls to discover colors of balls in each.

I find it very handy to use opaque glasses, such as are used in bathrooms. They are deep and hard to see into. They are exceptionally satisfactory for close work. Sometimes I take ordinary tumblers and cover them with paper-- one red, one white, and the third blue.

To vary the effect, instead of using paper balls, use three onions, three small potatoes, and three radishes. Invent patter to fit the combination.

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