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If you had decided that you were going to become a chemist, you would begin studying for that profession. You would take the matter very seriously and would give your time and thought to it so that you would know chemistry thoroughly and could really become a member of the profession.

You must regard your Course in Magic in the same light. I am going to assume that you have chosen Magic as your Profession. Whether you have or not, as I said before, you are going to learn it as a profession.

The lessons make up your text-book. I give you the material you must know just as a chemistry book gives you a knowledge of chemistry. But I give it to you in such a fascinating way. You don't have to dig for dry facts. The lessons are written down just as I would tell these things to you and each move is clearly pictured. I want you to be as much in earnest when you study these lessons as if I were there with you.

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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