Square Chinese Lantern

This consists of four walls and a top. It resembles the lantern used for production in Lesson 38, but this is more elaborately constructed. The load in this case is carried in the walls themselves, Figure 10.

Each of the four sides is twelve inches square and five-eighths of an inch thick, Figure 11. To construct these sides, one-inch wooden frames are used as the foundations, Figure 12.

A sheet of tin or zinc is then tacked to one surface of each of these sides. To the other surface a similar sheet of tin or zinc is tacked, but this sheet has a door cut in it, slightly larger than the inside measurement of the wooden frame. This size enables the door to rest against the wooden frame when closed. Door is hinged at the bottom and held in place by a small catch at the top, Figures 13 and 14.

Paint the insides of the four walls black and the outsides in brilliant Chinese colors. From a short distance, each wall looks like a square painted board without any trick arrangements.

Hinge the four walls together, black surfaces on the inside. Hinges are placed inside, Figure 15.

Arranged in this way, the sides can easily be folded down flat, Figure 16.

Construct the top of thin wood as shown in Figures 17 and 18., next page. Refer back to Lesson 28 for detailed instructions. Top should fit over lantern as in Figure 10.

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