Special Rabbit

Make this box of rather thin wood. Take two boards, each 6 x 10 inches. Place two of the 10-inch sides together and secure them by some kind of catch which can be opened. This forms the bottom of the box, making it 10 x 12 inches. When the box is completed, these two boards act as doors. Now take two boards 12 inches long x 6 inches wide and two others 10 inches long x 6 inches wide. These form the sides of your box. Hinge them all to the bottom, fitting them tight together. Now take another board about 9-1/2 inches x 6 inches. Place this inside the box with a 9-1/2-inch side against a 10-inch end of the box. Hinge this about one inch from the top of the box. Let the other end fall to the bottom of the box and put a small knob on it.

Cross Section Silk
Figure 20 shows a cross section of the box. Notice the catch in the bottom, the hinges on the sides, and the little partition with the hinges and knob inside the box.

Figure 21 shows the box as it looks when completed.

Figure 22 shows the box opened. The catch on the bottom is opened and the two sections open out like doors. The partition is opened outward also with the aid of the knob on it. The audience believes that the rabbit is concealed under this partition.


Have the Special Top lying on the table with the bag underneath, of course. The bag collapses and the top lies flat on the table. Have the Box and Rabbit on table nearby.

To Perform:

Pick up the Rabbit.

"This is quite an extraordinary rabbit. He is an Easter rabbit and lives in Easter-Egg-Land. It is only by special consent that he has come to visit us at this time of the year. I had to assure him that if he would come to visit us f would get him home all right."

Pick up Special Top by rear edge to conceal bag underneath. Place it on Box, putting front edge down first to screen bag, Figure 23.

Figure 24, shows box as it appears to audience. To them the lid is just an ordinary board covering the box.

"This is a rabbit house that I had made for Bunny on his official visit. It is here that he lays Easter eggs."

Open door in the Special Top. Hold rabbit up high for a moment, then

place him inside. Rabbit apparently goes into the box, but really goes only into the bag, Figure 25.

Get the rabbit well into the bag. Close door in the Special Top and spring the catch. Figure 26 is a cross section of the box, showing the rabbit in the bag.

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