Special Metal Bowl and Tray

This bowl is of metal painted white. It has a piece of metal, also painted white, soldered in about half an inch from the top. This piece does not cover top of bowl, allowing an opening into which water can be poured. Edge B of metal piece should be lower than edge A so that any water which happens to come on top of it will drain down into bowl, Figure 64.

On bottom of bowl a narrow strip of metal is soldered on at one end. The other end is narrowed down to a blunt point, Figure 65.

A metal tray is used and to the center of this is soldered a small piece of metal into which strip on bottom of bowl fits, Figure 66.

When bowl is placed on tray and adjusted into catch, it can be held up on end without slipping off, Figures 67 and 68.

Water can now be poured into bowl on tray. Tray can be tipped and water will not spill, providing end B of metal piece in bowl is kept uppermost, Figure 69.

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