Special Curtained Cabinet

It is necessary to screen movements during performer's escape and entrance of girl into trunk so the curtained frame has come into popularity. This frame is five to six feet square and six to six and a half feet high.

The frame itself is usually made of gas pipe with threaded ends which can be screwed into joints at the top and flanges at the bottom. Thus frame can be taken apart and carried in a compact form. Any good mechanic can make this frame. A wooden frame may be used or a frame made of metal rods, but the important thing is to have it substantial, Figure 8 shows frame set up.

A cloth curtain big enough to go around three sides of frame is arranged with hooks around top edge and hung on top bars of frame. Curtain is not attached at bottom but each end is fastened to front vertical bars to keep from pulling away from sides, Figure 9.

Across front of frame are two curtains attached by rings to top bar. These curtains slide easily and they are extra wide and full so that when they come together they can overlap. One edge of each curtain is fastened to side bars to keep from pulling over from the sides, Figure 10.

A piece of cloth, shaped as shown in Figure 11, next page, is fastened over the top of the cabinet.

Figure 12, next page, shows the cabinet when it is completed.

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