Special Cloth

A double opaque cloth, two feet or more square, with a special ring of metal, cardboard, or celluloid sewed between the two sides. This ring should be same size as rim of bowl. A round piece of flat transparent celluloid is good for it cannot be seen even if light shines through the cloth. However, it is not necessary if cloth is heavy and opaque. To audience, this appears to be just an ordinary cloth, Figure 70.


Assistant is at your right holding tray with bowl on it. Pick up bowl and turn it upside down, being careful not to expose metal piece inside. Then replace bowl on tray, fastening it securely into catch. Have opening of bowl nearest audience.

Pick up pitcher and pour water into bowl. Amount of water must be judged by size of bowl and amount you can pour in without having it spill when bowl is tipped. Place pitcher aside. Then pick up cloth and hurriedly show both sides, Figure 71.

Place one edge in back of bowl and cover bowl, thus allowing bowl to be visible as long as possible while being covered. Circular piece in cloth should come directly over top of bowl, Figure 72.

Lift circular piece in cloth between both hands as though you held the bowl under cloth. Ends of cloth hang down, giving impression of covering bowl. As soon as you have cloth raised a little, assistant turns tray with bowl attached so that bottom faces audience and bowl is concealed behind it, Figure 73.

You carry cloth away a short distance as though carrying bowl under it. Assistant leaves stage with tray, carefully keeping bowl concealed, Figure 74, next page.

Throw cloth up into air as though tossing bowl with it. When cloth comes down, grasp the two nearest corners in each hand, Figure 75.
Let cloth fall down spread out between hands, showing that bowl of water has vanished. Show cloth on both sides and put it aside, being careful not to expose shape of ring inside, see Figure 76.
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