Smaller Lanterns

These are for production purposes and are to be concealed in the hollow sides of the walls of square lantern. These lanterns must therefore be so constructed as to fold up flat.

To build this lantern, take four round pieces of cardboard, about five or six inches in diameter. Cut out the insides, leaving about an inch edge. Punch holes around the outside edges of two circles. Also punch two larger holes, one on each side of one circle, for the handle to come through, Figure 19.

To one circle with holes punched in it, sew the edge of some fine, colored silk. Sew opposite edge of silk to other circle with holes. To finish off lantern, paste plain circle of cardboard to top and bottom. For a handle, run some cord through cardboard at top and knot it on the inside of lantern, Figure 20.

These lanterns may be made of flowered silks or plain colors with designs painted on them. Four to six of them may be used in this production, and they should be made in a variety of colors. To the bottom of each lantern sew a piece of cardboard in different shapes to give a tassel effect, Figure 21.

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