Sleight Of Hand With Coins

You have now reached the stage where you are ready for sleights with coins. This field of coin manipulation is a vast one and a thorough knowledge of it will add much to your Magical Education. Other small objects may be handled in a manner similar to coin sleights. Consequently when you have mastered the manipulations in this lesson you have proceeded a long way in your mastery of Sleight of Hand.

T. Nelson Downs is a King of Coins. He built a great reputation by specializing in Coin Magic, and at one time his act was imitated more than any other in the realm of Magic. Who will forget his famous Miser's Dream in which coin after coin was plucked from the air and dropped with a jingle into a borrowed hat? I do so wish that every one of my students could see this expert coin manipulator at work.

Another expert in coin manipulations is Manuel, Master of the Mighty Dollar, as he styles himself. His work is a revelation in coin sleights.

I teach you a great many principles of coin sleights in this lesson. This is to give you a firm foundation in the art.

Practice well and MASTER every movement I give you and your reward will be a variety of methods at your command for vanishing and appearing a coin or other small object.

Many of these principles are very simple in operation; others I have analyzed and simplified to such an extent that careful study of the illustrations will enable you to learn them without difficulty. I have illustrated this lesson so profusely that there need be no doubt about any move.

The fundamentals of Magic which are very important in these manipulations are:

• Angles of Visibility

• Naturalness

• Misdirection

Stand before your mirror and watch your reflection closely so that you learn to do these manipulations correctly.

The first thing for you to do is to review the section on the ART OF MISDIRECTION in LESSON 3. This is absolutely essential as your beginning in learning coin sleights.

There are many types of hands and some methods of manipulation lend themselves better to one type than to another. Practice them all, however, and then you can discover for yourself to which methods your hands are best adapted.

The most popular coin for general use is the half dollar. Start with a coin that has a fairly good milled edge. I send you FREE for this lesson three Palming Coins. You will find them fine for manipulation work as the edges are well milled and permit of a firm grip. I advise you to purchase about 2 dozen of these coins as you will find them invaluable in future coin tricks. We can supply you with them at $1.00 a dozen.

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