Slap Change


Face card of deck is slapped with right hand and when hand is removed, card is found to have changed to another. The striking of the cards adds smartness to this effect.

To Perform:

Hold deck as in Figure 58. Show right hand empty, then grasp deck at top and bottom, Figure 66.

Figure 67 shows view toward audience with card concealed in right palm.

With second and third finger-tips of left hand push "Top" card into right palm.

Figure 67 shows view toward audience with card concealed in right palm.

Figure 68 shows rear view away from audience, with concealed card Palmed in right hand.

Separate hands and bring right hand back in front of left in preparation for slapping deck, Figure 69.

Slap right hand down smartly on deck, leaving the Palmed card on the deck, Figure 70.

Remove right hand and show that card has changed. NOTE:

This experiment is often begun by holding deck as in Figure 66. Pack is then placed in left hand, and during this movement, "Top" card is slid into right palm.

This change may be used in producing selected cards. Three or four cards are selected by spectators and returned to deck. These are brought to "Top" of deck by the Simplified Pass. Each one is then in turn Palmed in right hand, as taught to you above, and produced on front of pack by the Slap Change Method.

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