Simplicity Is The Watchword

I learned a great deal about illusions at an early age. I had little money to do with when I was a boy, yet I insisted on giving magic shows. I had to create my own illusions with just a few common articles and some boards, wielding the hammer and saw to good advantage. Therefore, what illusions I performed meant a great deal of contriving both with my brain and my hands. Now as I look back, I realize that some of the finest illusions I have ever performed have been based on the simple illusions of those bygone days. Through my years of study and work in magic I have continued to keep this watchword of simplicity always before me. And it is with that in mind that I present illusions to you.

The beginner usually wants to have a great deal of apparatus, while the professional is constantly trying to eliminate as much as possible. It costs money to buy apparatus and to set up, take down, and ship heavy material. If one isn't careful, the cost of transportation eats up profits. Many a magician has started out with several trunks and has finished the season with almost a vest-pocket show. This shows you how the professional determines just what is actually required to get his effect and then proceeds to get that effect with the simplest means possible.

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