Simplicity Is The Keynote Of The Tarbell System Of Magic

SIMPLICITY is the key-note of this Course in Magic. Every move, every principle has been so thoroughly analyzed and reduced to such simple terms that they are easy to master. The explanation for the working of each effect is so detailed that you can learn it in no time.

That is the wonderful thing about this System. You learn Magic quickly -- easily -- and thoroughly I

The uninitiated man in Magic, of course, has the impression that the explanation and working of Magical effects is very intricate and very difficult, simply because these effects are so puzzling. He also thinks that the Magician has an enormous amount of massive and complicated and expensive apparatus. Then when the beginner in Magic studies the Tarbell System, he finds everything so simple -- he finds the apparatus so easy to make at a trifling cost — that he is astonished to see how quickly he learns to be a Magician.

There is just one fear in my mind on that score. And that is, that the beginner in Magic, seeing how simple it is, will think that he can't fool the public. Of course, that is an erroneous idea.

REMEMBER -- The simpler the effect, the more puzzling to your audience.

REMEMBER — The simpler the apparatus you use, the more amazing is the effect.

I have often wished that I could let you witness a performance of the effects I teach you in this Course before I explain them to you. You would be puzzled and bewildered by the mysteries. Then when I teach you the secrets of the experiments, you would give them full appreciation and value, regardless of how simple they seem.

REMEMBER — In this Course you get practically all of the most baffling effects in Magic.

You get effects which the world's greatest magicians are actually using on the stage today. Effects with which they are making Fame and Fortune. Effects which have come down through centuries and are still profound mysteries to the public. Effects from the Orient which seem like miracles. Original effects with which I have baffled even eminent magicians. From little Impromptu Tricks, through Sleight of Hand, to great Stage Illusions, you get the "cream" of Magic. And if it seems simple to you because of its Scientific Analysis, do not for a moment discount its amazing mystery to your audience!

The famous magicians of the day have all had to learn through experience to value SIMPLICITY. All of them, probably, started with trunkfuls of apparatus, and finally ended up by carrying their real shows around in their vest pockets. I have thrown away bushels of apparatus, as through my years of experimenting I hit upon easier methods of working effects. Less and less apparatus — easier operation of experiments -- and I have produced some of my finest and most amazing effects.

A well known magician recently told me about a wonderful card effect which he used on his programs. He showed me a piece of apparatus which had cost him about $500 to perfect. It happened that I had experimented with the same effect when I was 16 years old and had worked out a satisfactory bit of paraphernalia which cost $2. When I explained to him my simple apparatus, he discarded his own. And why? Because mine was a simple method, more certain in operation, and permitted of much more effective SHOWMANSHIP.

I do not mean to infer by this that elaborate tricks and full stage settings are not effective. They are.

BUT REMEMBER -- Elaborate settings are used in accenting a simple "Ant Hill" Modus Operandi (Method of Working) to produce a great "Mountain" of an effect.

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