Silk Production From

This is for use on the programs which I suggested for you. EFFECT:

Performer shows a hat empty and then reaches into it to produce a number of large silk handkerchiefs.


1 -- A number of large silk handkerchiefs, preferably brightly colored.

2 -- A hat. preferably a derby, though a soft one will do. You may borrow a hat from the audience or use your own.

SECRET: To Prepare:

Fold each silk separately so that it can easily be spread out. Place silks on top of each other and wrap securely in a black or dark blue silk handkerchief. Wrap as tightly as possible and pin end of handkerchief to hold. The bundle should be oblong and as small as possible. The size of the bundle depends on your ability to hide it. About six handkerchiefs wrapped in the seventh dark one make a fair production.

To Perform:

If you use a borrowed hat, have bundle of silks tucked up under left arm pit and hold it in place with pressure of arm against body.

Borrow the hat and hold it in left hand. On way back to stage when your back is toward audience, quickly reach up with right hand and bring bundle of silks down to front of body. Bring left hand with hat up and drop silks into hat. While doing this start turning to right and finally face audience. To audience it appears that you merely took hat back to stage and then turned around to face them.

If you use your own hat, the bundle of silks may be inside of the hat ready for use.

Grasp front brim of hat with right hand and bring it upward. Have right side to audience. Place left hand in hat to hold silks and invert hat onto left hand, Figure 11.

Grasp edge of hat again with right hand and lift hat clear of bundle in left hand. Left fingers conceal bundle, Figure 12.

Keep turning hat until bundle is on top of brim at back of hat. It must be held and concealed all the time with left hand.

When bundle is in this position, hat may be shown empty, Figure 13.

The movements for removing bundle from inside of hat so that it may be shown empty are illustrated in Figures 14 to 18. Study them carefully.

First, the bundle is in the hat--then it is pushed over to the side and held by left hand—next hat is lifted clear of bundle by right hand—then hat is revolved by right hand to get bundle between brim and crown—and finally it is turned into position shown in Figure 18 and held in left hand.

Hat is shown empty—and then movements are reversed to get bundle back inside hat. Now you are ready for the Production.

To produce silks, reach into hat and unpin bundle. Remove each silk by itself and shake to spread it out. You may hold hat in left hand and remove silks with right, or place hat on table as you remove silks, Figure 19.

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