Side Swing Jump Over

This is a variation of the Thimble Jump which you may find it convenient to use sometimes when you have only one thimble in each hand and need not be so careful about not exposing palms of hands.

Show thimble on forefinger of left hand. Point at it with forefinger of right. Keep back of right hand to audience. In right hand you have a thimble Thumb Palmed. Figure 102. Bring left hand to right hand. When both hands are close together, backs to audience, Thumb Palm thimble in left hand and get thimble on right forefinger from Thumb Palm position in right hand, Figure 103.

Continue movement of hands to right. Now right hand goes out to right side with thimble on right forefinger and left hand points at it, Figure 104.

Effect is that thimble jumps from finger of left hand to finger of right. Reverse movement and thimble apparently travels back to left hand again.

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