Selfcontained Card Vanish

Show cards separately and then square them up and hold them in left hand with faces toward audience.

Hold them as shown in Figure 29. Click cards again.

With right thumb slip the first card down away from the other two. Hold the remaining two cards in left hand tightly as one. Figure 30, next page.

"One card."

Place the two cards held as one on top of the first card. Hold tight with right thumb. Snap cards with fingers of left hand as you put them down. This makes it appear that you have only two cards. Fig. 31, next page.

FiG. 29

"Two cards."

You have apparently vanished a card.

Square up cards perfectly so that the three will look like one card and hold them in left hand.

Snap face of card with right second finger. "Pass."

Turn cards over as one card and snap them on the back with finger. "One card left."

The snapping back and front emphasizes the effect of holding only one card.

In my work I actually throw three cards from right to left hand and they do not come apart. You will find many uses to which you can put this principle of showing three cards as one. As you study, new ideas may present themselves to you for using this principle.

"Now the last card."

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