Secret To Prepare

Fold the double sheet of newspaper over in its regular crease, Figure 19. Fold paper in half again, crosswise, Figure 20.

Fold paper over from right to left, Figure 21.

On one side of paper cut a slit about 3-1/2 inches long and 2-1/2 inches from the top of paper. Cut the slit only through the top two pages. Put some paste between these two pages just below the slit and press them firmly together. Now run a line of paste between the second and third sheets as indicated by dotted line in diagram. This line should run about 2-1/2 inches down from slit. Press second and third pages firmly together and let paste dry. You now have a pocket to hold silks, Figure 22.

Take one red and one white handkerchief and place them together, holding them by one corner. Fold up handkerchiefs as shown in Figure 23.

Place folded silks in pocket of newspaper with outer ends at bottom of pocket to hold them securely. Part of the silks protrudes from pocket, Figure 24.

Place the newspaper with silks down on the plate and place plate on seat of the chair or on table, see Figure 25.

Figure 25A is a diagram of the arrangement of plate, handkerchiefs, and newspaper.

Have duplicate red and white silks on table with Handkerchief Ball under them—or silks may be hanging on back of chair and Ball concealed in right coat pocket.

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