Secret To Prepare

On the two upper corners of butterfly silk, sew the two metal rings. Paint ring A red or some other color to distinguish it from ring B, Figure 34.

Fold the silk as you did the flag in preceding effect, keeping corners A and B together and on the outside.

Sew one lever of stationery clip to left side of your vest, far enough back to be concealed by coat and yet within easy reach.

Place folded silk in clip with rings on silk toward the front, Figure 35.

Allow your coat to hang naturally and cover clip and silk.

Place the ribbons on top of each other evenly and sew the three top ends to the larger metal ring, see Figure 36.

Beginning with bottom ends of ribbons, fold up small enough to slip into end of match box easily when box is pushed out partially, Figure 37.

Pick up the paper ribbons, she them together in left hand. Pick up box of matches with right hand and place it in left with paper ribbons. Take a match with right hand and close the box, forcing folded ribbons into palm of right hand. This principle of getting a load from a match-box was taught to you earlier in the course.

Keeping back of right hand to audience, strike the match on side of box and then toss box aside.

Light top ends of paper ribbons and allow them to burn for a while. In the meantime, get ring of silk ribbons over right thumb, Figure 39.

Place folded ribbons in end of to rear end of box. Have box on audience, Figure 38.

Have the three strips of tissue pa


Place folded ribbons in end of to rear end of box. Have box on audience, Figure 38.

Have the three strips of tissue pa

When paper has burned down a few inches, put flame out by blowing or striking with right hand. Crumple paper ribbons up with right hand and hold the ball secure in palm of right hand with third and fourth fingers of right hand.

Throw your right hand forward, releasing silk ribbons, which unfold and form streamers out toward audience. The ring over your right thumb keeps ribbon secure in right hand. Ball of paper ribbons is still retained in right hand. The moment you throw right hand forward, turn right side of body slightly toward audience and, pushing left side of coat back, pull folded silk from clip on vest. Keep silk concealed in left hand, Figure 40.

Begin to gather up ribbons with right hand, bringing the first loop up to left hand. Continue gathering up silk ribbons, grasping the loops with left hand and concealing the folded silk behind them, Figure 41.

Keep gathering up ribbons into a small parcel. At the same time, grasp ring A on silk with right hand and ring B with left hand. Pull hands apart suddenly, spreading out the big butterfly silk between them, Figure 42.

You may conceal the silk ribbons or not, as you like. If you gather them up small and conceal them behind big silk, you have apparently transformed them into the big silk. Some performers do not gather up the ribbons very small and merely produce the silk from them -- thus accomplishing a production rather than a transformation.


Performer borrows a pocket handkerchief and has two spectators hold it stretched out between them by all four corners. He takes a pocket knife and places it under the handkerchief at about the center. Covering top of handkerchief with a piece of paper, he pushes the knife right up through handkerchief and paper and pulls it out of the top. Handkerchief is then shown unharmed and knife and paper are given to spectators for examination.

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