Secret To Prepare

Screen is placed on stage with middle panel to rear. Male assistant is inside, dressed in one of the Hindu costumes just as performer will be dressed.

Performer's Hindu outfit is placed on chair with the special cloth bag. TO PERFORM:

The illusion is performed in pantomime and no patter is required. If possible, have a music accompaniment.

Performer and girl assistant revolve screen to show all sides of it and move it to suitable spot near center of stage. Be careful not to lift screen and expose feet of assistant inside. Finally bring screen into position with opening at front and trick panel to rear. Note position of assistant (A), Figure 29.

When screen is in place, assistant steps through opening of rear panel to

outside of screen. He then carefully closes opening in panel. Notice position of assistant (A), Figure 30.

Performer opens screen to show inside of it. Sack is then shown inside and outside as an apparently unprepared bag. Sack is now placed on floor inside of screen with top stretched out so that girl can step into it easily at proper moment.

Performer dons Hindu outfit. Girl steps into sack and performer pulls it up over her head, tying it at top with the piece of tape, Figures 31 and 32.

Figure 33 shows position of girl in screen.

Figure 33 shows position of girl in screen.

Performer now swings the two sides of screen together to enclose girl in bag and fastens them. Figure 34 is a diagram showing positions of Performer, Girl, and Assistant in relation to screen.

The moment screen is closed, girl crouches down, grasps button in bottom of bag and pulls out the basting thread to open bottom. She frees herself by pulling bag up over her head.

In the meantime, performer bows three or four times toward audience and raises his hands in a sort of oriental ceremony. He then walks around to back of screen. Instead of continuing to walk around, assistant comes out from behind screen to take his place. Audience is not aware of the substitution here and believes that performer merely walked completely around screen. Assistant turns back to audience and bows toward screen, Figures 35 and 36.

During this time, performer quickly removes Hindu costume and gives it to girl to put on and then the whiskers and turban. Girl steps out of screen and performer goes in. Figure 37.

Performer pulls bag down over his head and stands on bottom of it so that it looks just as it did when girl was in it.

Assistant now walks back to rear of screen again and stays there as girl, dressed as Hindu, comes out from behind it. This is the second substitution but audience still believes it is the performer walking around the screen. Figure 38.

Girl goes through some ceremony just as performer and assistant did. Performer gives some signal to indicate that he is safe in bag and girl opens screen revealing figure still in bag. Figures 39 and 40.

Girl unties tape at top of bag and pulls bag down to reveal performer. As performer steps out of bag, she turns to audience and quickly removes Hindu outfit, revealing herself as the girl who was originally tied into the bag. Figure 41.

Performer tosses bag aside and closes up screen. Male assistant steps into screen again through rear panel. Screen may be allowed to stand there or it may be removed to release assistant.

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