Secret To Prepare

Fold two handkerchiefs as in Figure 23.

Place one plate at rear edge of table, top down with part of it extending over table. Under edge of plate, place the two folded handkerchiefs, with edges tucked securely under plate, Figure 34.

Place the second plate on first one.

Figure 35 shows arrangement of plates and silks on table as seen from above.

Have duplicate silks and concealed Ball nearby on table. TO PERFORM:

With left hand pick up the two plates with silks concealed inside of them, F

gure 36.

Remove top plate with right hand and show both sides of it, Figure 37.

Replace top plate on lower one again, and at the same time, draw away lower plate with right hand. As you do so, leave silks inside of top plate, grasped in left hand, Figure 38.

Show second plate on both sides and place it top up on table. Now place other plate top down on this one. Place outer edge down first to conceal silks, Figure 39.

When the two plates are together, the silks are between them. To the audience it appears, however, that you merely placed two empty plates together. Figure 40.

Pick up duplicate silks and Handkerchief Ball. Vanish silks as you have been taught to do. Then separate the two plates and show that silks have appeared between them.

Place silks on table, concealing Ball in them.

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