Secret To Perform

Show blue handkerchief freely to audience. Grasp tip of red handkerchief in ring with left hand and pull down ring over silk with right hand, Figure 57.

Your right hand conceals the method of changing the silk, and to the audience it appears that the blue handkerchief becomes red as you pass your hand over it, Figure 58.

When change is made, shake silk a little in right hand, Figure 59.

You may use this color-changing silk for a single color change, or turn the silk and restore it to its original color.

This device was originally designed for a color change of a silk tied between two others. Instead of a ring, a pliable wire was used which could be bent closed or open at will. The change was most effective, Figure 60.

I have used this device in connection with the Twentieth Century Silks. I would vanish a red handkerchief and have a blue or green one appear between the silks when they were taken from the glass. Apparently the trick had gone wrong, but I caused them to right themselves by passing my hand over the middle silk and changing its color to red.

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