Secret To Make Escape

You have a screw driver concealed on your person. When you are in the box, unscrew the two long screws holding the fake panel and remove them. Get your fingers in the air holes of panel and push it to one side. This frees the opposite end of the panel and you can now remove the whole panel easily. Screw the two short screws which you have in your pocket into the cleats where the long screws were.

Get out of box. Remove the two short screws on outside of box. Replace the panel between the cleats, with inside of panel now facing out, and screw in the long screws to replace the short ones just removed from outside. The panel is once again held securely in place, but this time the screws holding it are outside. To the observer, however, the reversing of the screws is not noticeable and the box looks the same after the escape as it did before.

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