Secret And Patter

Show cord and hands freely.

Hold cord in both hands as shown in first illustration.

"I see by the papers that some inventor has brought forth a non-destructible wrapping cord. So much goods has been damaged because the string around packages breaks when express men throw the packages at each other. Something had to be done to prevent such losses. Let me show you how this newly-invented string works."

Bring end of string held in right hand around into position shown in second illustration.

Grasp it between tip of first finger and thumb of left hand. Turn hand around so that palm faces audience. Spread fingers so that audience can see how string is held.

"Cord usually breaks in the middle--very seldom at the ends, so we must find the middle, which must be about in the center."

Look at part B of cord, extending between hands. As you see above, let go of end A of cord and let it drop. Audience can plainly see now that B is the middle of the cord.

REPEAT PROCESS OF BRINGING END "A" UP in between finger and thumb of right hand. This repetition helps to convince spectators that the middle of the cord is really between your hands.

"There, that is good enough without measuring. Now, sir. if you will please take your pocket knife and cut the string through the middle "

Or if you have a pair of scissors handy, ask spectator to use those. As you make the request, you make a movement that is very IMPORTANT in working

the trick. Hold cord about six inches from you. Study illustration carefully.

Tip of first finger and thumb of right hand hold A. Second finger of right hand is used to push B downwards in front (towards audience), and A is brought upwards. In other words, just reverse the position of A and B. Note that while doing this, the fingers of both hands are close together.

This movement leaves a twist in the cord between first finger and thumb of left hand. As soon as A and B are exchanged, move right hand along cord A to a distance about four inches away from left hand. Bring hands forward while doing this. To the audience it looks as though you had right hand near left and then as you brought cord forward, you merely slid right hand away from left.

Movement of bringing hands forward appears to the audience to be a gesture in asking spectators to cut cord.

"Now just cut the cord here at the middle, that's near enough."

Spectator cuts cord. Allow cord held by right hand to drop. To audience it appears that cord has been cut in middle as two short ends extend upwards from fingers of left hand and the other two ends hang down.

The audience thinks that you have had cord cut in half, but in reality cord has been cut only four or five inches from the end. The ends extending above your left fingers are the ends of the short piece of cord which spectator has cut off for you. Tie a double knot with the ends AA.

"Please, sir, hold this end of the cord, and you, sir, please hold this end."

Give each end of cord to a spectator to hold. The knot is in the middle of the cord. Even to the closest observer it looks as though the cord had been actually cut and the ends tied together.

"I had the cord cut by the gentleman here to represent the cord around a package breaking. Now, expressmen do not always bother to tie up the cord again as I have done here— besides the cord may be too tight to allow tying."

Cover knot with right hand and close hand over it. Then place left hand over right hand. Slip knot along cord under right hand by moving hand towards the right. Left hand is closed around cord WHERE KNOT WAS. The effect is that you covered knot with right hand, then changed your mind and covered it with left hand. Address gentleman holding cord at right.

"Please, sir, take hold of the cord a little nearer the middle."

Your right hand keeps the cord from dropping as spectator lets go of it and then takes hold of it nearer the middle. This gives you an opportunity to slip knot off of cord under cover of your right hand. Let right hand fall to side for a moment after slipping knot off.

"Now, will both of you gentlemen please hold the cord tight, and I will take my handkerchief "

Reach into right coat pocket with right hand and drop knot therein. Bring hand out suddenly and then reach into trousers' pocket and out again, as though you were looking for a handkerchief but couldn't find one.

"Never mind, I thought I had a handkerchief that I could cover the knot with. But I suppose the audience wants to see what happens anyway, and it is so much harder to see things when they are covered. However, to get back to this wonderful new indestructible cord. The point is that this cord, if it breaks while on a package, will not stay broken but will automatically come together again. It will restore itself as good as new."

Lift left hand from cord. Of course, the knot is gone as you placed it in your pocket.

"Pull the cord, gentlemen, and see whether it is not as strong as ever. Quite an invention, I assure you."

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