Secret And Patter

To Perform:

Spread out one piece of tape and on top of it lay the other piece, end to end, as in illustration 1, Figure 40. Tie a piece of thread around the middle of both tapes. Double back the top piece and double under the bottom piece. You now have the two ends of one tape AA together and the two ends of the other tape BB together, as illustrated in 2, Figure 40.

Thread BB on a bodkin that is at least four inches long. Fold tapes so that they lie in a heap on table. Be careful to have joining of tapes away from audience. See 3, Figure 40.

Have orange fixed with hole through middle, about a quarter of an inch in diameter. This hole can be made with a pointed lead pencil or a spike.

To perform:

Come forward with orange.

"I suppose most of you are familiar with fairy stories. Have you heard the story or legend about the Magic Orange? In a far away country lived a great Prince and every year he held a great fair to which farmers brought their choicest fruits for exhibit. The finest fruit was selected from this exhibit for the beautiful Princess. At this particular exhibit, a great prize was to be given for the choicest orange in all the land."

Show the orange and give it to a spectator to examine.

"I shall use this orange for the experiment. I have made a hole through it with a pencil. Examine it if you

Figur« 40

will, sir. The reason for the hole is that it was customary to thread ribbons through the choicest of fruit so that it could be hung up and it would not be necessary for anyone to touch the fruit in examining it."

Take back the orange. Now thread it onto the tapes by pushing the bodkin through the hole in the orange, as in Figure 41. If you have no bodkin, push ends of tape through with a lead pencil.

When you pick up tapes from table, be sure that joining is well covered with left hand. See Figure 42 for correct position.

Draw the tapes through the orange with right hand until the joining is in center of orange, as illustrated in Figure 43.

I have two ways of doing the threading of the orange. One way is to pick up tape with joining covered by left hand and come down towards audience while threading orange. The other way is to bring the orange to the table in left hand, pick up bodkin with right hand and thread orange, letting the joining of the tapes remain on the table. Then I pick up the tapes at the joining with left hand and pull tapes through with right hand until joining is in center of orange. If orange is held in front of tapes, they can be drawn into orange without joining being seen even if it is not covered by left hand.

Practice ANGLES OF VISIBILITY on this before your mirror.

Remove bodkin from tapes.

"So I will thread the orange on these tapes and have it held up so that all can see it. To make it doubly secure, I will tie a knot around the orange."

Take one end of Tape A and one end of Tape B and tie a single knot with these two ends, reversing their direction. Thus your left hand now holds AB instead of AA and your right hand holds AB instead of BB, as illustrated in Figure 44. (I explained the reason for doing this in the first effect, Coats, Tapes and Rings.)

Now hold orange up high.

"And so it came to pass that this fine orange won first prize. When the man came forward to claim it, the peasants were indignant, for they said, 'This man has no orchard. He is a thief. He has stolen our fruit and exhibited it.' Then many peasants claimed it as their own. Now, fortunately, the Prince was a Magician so he put a magic charm on the Figure 44


Now you request the assistance of two men from the audience.

"I would like to have two gentlemen to assist me so that I can find the owner of the fruit with the magic charm. Thank you, just come forward, and you also, sir. (To one). Just hold these two ends. (To other). And you, Sir, hold these two ends. Hold ends tight and do not drop them."

The men are each given two ends to hold. The audience can see the orange suspended from the tapes between the men. You stand behind the orange.

"According to the legend, the Prince said that the orange could not be removed from the ribbons by anyone but the rightful owner—that if the real owner of the orange would touch it, it would fall into his hand. One by one the peasants came forward and touched the orange, but it remained securely on the ribbons. Then came forward a young man from whose orchard the orange has really been stolen. He held his hand under the orange thus."

Figure 45 4r>

Hold right hand about a foot beneath the orange. Figure 45. "Now, gentlemen, pull hard on the tapes."

When assistants pull hard, the thread holding the two tapes together breaks. The orange falls into your right hand, which is beneath it ready to catch it. The tapes are stretched out straight between the two assistants, as in Figure 46.

"And just as the Prince Magician said, when the rightful owner came the orange magically dropped from the ribbons into his hand."

Take tapes from the gentlemen and thank them. They go back to their seats.

"The moral of which is—Some people claim to be movie actors, but the nearest they get to Hollywood is eating oranges that come from there."

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