Secret And Patter

To Perform:

Pick up tapes and in doing so cover the fake joint with the left hand. Allow ends of rope to fall to floor. It is easy to convince audience that you hold but two harmless pieces of tape.

Invite three gentlemen to come up and assist you.

Address the one who looks the best natured and say,

"Pardon my asking sir, but are you much of a walker? Do you take an interest in walking or would you rather ride? Most of us would. I ask this because I am going to perform an odd walking experiment. Perhaps one of the oddest you have ever encountered. I got the idea from Teddy Roosevelt. I will ask you to face the audience while I pass these two tapes behind you."

The other two assistants should be standing one at the right and another at the left. The left side of stage is to your left when you face audience.

Stand at right side of gentleman who is to be the walker and pass left hand up under his coat and behind his back, then reach around him with right hand and take tapes.

Address gentleman to left side of walker. *

"Will you be kind enough to take these two ends of the tapes and hold them tightly?"

Give him the two ends in your right hand. I--'1"--—'

Address gentleman at right.

"And I will have you take these other two ends." FigUte 47

Release fake joint held with left hand and run hand along tapes so you can easily present the two other ends to spectator helping you.

Study diagram 47 and you will readily see position of ropes as held by assistants.

The two gentlemen on each side should be far enough away so as to take in the slack in tapes and yet not pulling hard enough to break the thread in joint. Audience should be readily able to see that man in middle stands in front of the ropes.

"Now gentlemen each of you holding the tapes, give me an end of any one that you are holding and for safety we will wrap our friend, the walker, up in the rope and tie it securely around him."

Take an end from each gentleman, tie a single knot in front of the walker and give back the opposite ends to the assistants from what they originally held. We discussed the principle thoroughly in the "boys, coats and rings."

"Gentlemen, please hold the ropes securely. Note carefully how matters stand. Two ropes extend BEHIND the gentleman in the middle and for extra good luck we tied him in one of them. but still it runs around in back of him."

To gentleman in center.

"When I say 'One—two—three—WALK' I want you to step backwards two or three steps."

To men holding the tapes.

"And when you hear me say WALK I want you to pull hard. Hold onto the tapes and pull. Are you ready gentlemen?"

You should be standing a little to the right of walker and behind tapes. You can get to the position by walking around assistant on right side of stage. The main idea, of course, is to stand so you do not obstruct the view of the trick.

"It is said of Teddy Roosevelt that when he went walking he would often set out in a straight line and hew to the line in spite of obstacles. He would go over fences and through houses. But Teddy had nothing on the gentleman here. I'll show you a walker. One--two--three--WALK."

Man walks backwards, men on ends pull, thread breaks and tapes come out stretched in front of the walker.

"See, the gentleman has walked right through the tapes."

To walker.

"I congratulate you, sir. You are an excellent walker. No sense going around a block when you can cut right through, is there?"

Take tapes from other two gentlemen.

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