Secret And Patter To Prepare

Take one of the three selected sheets of newspaper and out it in two, from top to bottom and not across. Figure 9.

Take one of these half sheets. Cut from it three squares of paper in

the following sizes:

From each of these squares you are to make an envelope.

Take the largest square. Fold over one corner about three inches. Figure 10.

Now fold over the corner on the right side. Figure 11. And finally fold the corner on left side. Paste these corners down to make an envelope. The open corner forms the flap. Figure 12.

Make envelopes of the other two squares also.

Fold down the flaps. Through the crease in the top of each cut a slit about an inch and three-quarters long with a sharp knife.

Take one of the half dollars and insert it halfway into the smallest envelope through the slit. Fold down the flap and seal it with some sealing wax. Figure 13.

Place this envelope in the next largest one with the coin protruding from the slit. Fold over flap and seal with wax. Then insert these two sealed envelopes in the largest one with the coin protruding from the slit. Seal down the flap with sealing wax. You now have a package of three envelopes with a half dollar sticking out halfway through the slits. Figure 14.

Be sure that all three slits are even. Now turn half. dollar at right angle to slits and press paper against it. Remove the coin and a hole from the outside into the inner envelope remains. Figure 15.

Fold the bottom up a little and the sides over just enough to keep the three envelopes in position. Figure 16.

Place package of envelopes in right trouser's pocket with hole in envelopes up. You will find that you can easily slip a half dollar into this hole and thus into the inner envelope of the three.

Take the other half sheet of paper and cut it into three squares as you did with the first. Make three envelopes. In the smallest one place the other half dollar. Seal envelope with sealing wax, enclose it in the next largest one. Then place these two in the largest one and seal it. Figure 17 shows how the three envelopes look when you have the whole package made.

Crush this package into a ball.

Take another of the selected sheets and cut it in two as you did with the first. Take the half which matches the envelopes that you just screwed up into a ball. Place this on table with the ball just under it and concealed from audience. Place the other half sheet nearby.

If working with a suitcase, as is common with club work, just have ball of envelopes and paper in case.

Now take the third sheet of paper and cut it in half. Roll the two halves into a compact ball. Place it in right coat pocket.

Have a half dollar handy so that you can get at it easily for Finger Palming.

I suggest that you sew a half-inch piece of elastic under vest at lower right side. Insert half dollar in this, and when the time comes you can easily slip right fingers under edge of vest to Finger Palm it. Figure 18.

Or if you prefer, place the coin in a convenient pocket which you can reach easily when time comes to Finger Palm the coin in right hand.

Place stick of sealing wax in left coat pocket.

To Perform:

Have a spectator come up to help you. Ask him to be seated a moment and take charge of the stage while you go down into the audience and borrow a half dollar. Take coin from some gentleman in the audience, then return it and ask that he mark it so that he can easily identify it.

"Mark it well so that you can readily identify it in case you see it again -- or rather in case you do not see it again."

While he is marking it, get coin from under vest or from pocket and Finger Palm it. Have second, third, and fourth fingers curled around coin so that it cannot be seen by audience. You may grasp your coat lapel with right hand also to dispel any suspicion that you have something in right hand. Take marked coin between thumb and first two fingers of right hand, keeping back of hand uppermost.

Pretend to transfer coin to left hand, but as you toss coin, FRONT THUMB PALM the marked coin in right hand and let your own coin fall into left hand. Just before doing this bring the marked coin to Finger Tip Clip position so that movement will be easy. When you have disposed of your coin into left hand, let marked coin fall into regular Finger Palm position.

Go back to stage. Have assistant stand at your right as you face audience. Give him your coin from your left hand. The audience thinks, of course, that you have given him the borrowed marked coin. Tell assistant to close his hand over coin. Now you stand away from him for a moment, your left side toward audience.

"Now, Sir, if in three minute's time you were to open your hand and find the half dollar had vanished, you would be surprised, wouldn't you?"

Assistant says, "Yes," or laughs.

"And so should I."

As you talk to assistant, slip right hand into right trouser's pocket and let marked half dollar fall through the slit in the envelopes into the smallest one. When you do this, insert your first and second fingers into the slit to make it easy for coin to slide in. Close hole and roll envelopes into a ball. You will have no difficulty in doing this without being detected for audience is laughing at your last remark and there is a slight pause in your performing.

Remove hand from pocket.

THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE TRICK IS NOW DONE. The trick is really over before the audience thinks it has begun.

"Well, I am not going to do this trick that way. Money disappears easily enough without adding magical influence to it."

Go to table and pick up newspaper with ball of envelopes behind it. Hold it with right hand, thumb in front toward audience and rest of hand behind holding ball. Grasp other end of paper with left hand and fold it over in half. Open paper up, then close it again. Figure 19.

"I am going to ask you to place the half dollar on this piece of paper under my thumb."

Hold right hand toward assistant with paper folded over double and ball concealed under it. Have him place coin under your thumb. Figure 20.

Roll paper into a small ball with coin inside. Be careful to keep ball of envelopes concealed behind it. Hold the two balls together and hold them up as one for the audience to see.

"Strange thing about paper -- the smaller you roll it the smaller it becomes. Just take the half dollar wrapped up in the paper and hold it this way."

As you talk, turn the two balls of paper around so that ball of envelopes is on top. Press into left hand with cupped right hand. Figure 21.

Curl second, third, and fourth fingers of left hand around ball of paper underneath and palm it.

Lift ball of envelopes away with right hand and hold up so that audience can see it.

Now turn to give this ball to assistant. Extend right hand to him and let left hand come up to grasp right sleeve at elbow. This is a natural movement and helps you to conceal palmed ball in left hand. Figure 22.

Hand ball to assistant.

"Hold it tight while I get some sealing wax."

Reach into left coat pocket with left hand and drop palmed ball therein as you bring out stick of sealing wax.

"Take the sealing wax and touch the back of your hand three times, then open your hand. What has happened? Nothing? Strange! Suppose you open the parcel and show it to the audience. After all, you know we must let them see part of the trick."

Take wax from assistant and replace in left coat pocket. Assistant unfolds paper and finds a large envelope instead of the half sheet of newspaper which he expects.

"The mystery deepens. What have we? An envelope, securely sealed with wax. I think the wax is still warm. Please open the envelope."

Assistant opens the envelope and takes out the second envelope.

"Another sealed envelope! Take it out. By the way, this is the very latest fashion in envelopes -- made of newspaper. Up en the second envelope."

Assistant opens it and takes out the third envelope.

"Well, a third one. Open it, please, and you will perhaps find the half dollar."

Assistant opens third envelope and takes out half dollar.

"To show you that this is the same paper we started with, just examine the half dollar. You see it is the same."

Half dollar has marks on it and appears to be the same as the borrowed coin.

At this stage audience thinks the trick is done and will, no doubt, applaud you. Anyway, while assistant is identifying coin and audience is in that frame of mind, you can secretly prepare for the next stage of the trick.

Reach into right trouser's pocket and squeeze the envelopes into a ball. Remove the ball Finger Palmed in your right hand. Grasp your right coat lapel with right hand to conceal ball.

"Will you please take the coin down to the gentleman from whom we borrowed it? Or just a minute -before you return the coin. Will you remember what I did so that you can do it when you get home? First I borrowed a half dollar, had it marked so that the owner would know it when he saw it again and then had it wrapped in a piece of newspaper."

Reach over with left hand and pick up newspaper. Turn your right side toward audience. Transfer paper to right hand so that it is held as in the beginning of the experiment with the ball behind it. Now turn to right so that your left side is a little toward audience.

IN PERFORMING THIS REPEATED VERSION QUICKEN YOUR MOVEMENTS. You are repeating and pretending to explain. As you know, it is not wise to repeat an experiment in Magic. In this case, however, it is all right for you leave the audience just as puzzled as they were after the first showing. Do it with plenty of snap nevertheless.

Request that assistant place coin on paper again.

"Place coin on paper again. That's it. Now you remember I rolled the paper into a ball and gave it to you."

Roll up paper into ball, exchange it for ball of envelopes in right hand, and give envelope ball to assistant. Palm other ball in left hand as illustrated in Figure 21.

"And then I told you to touch it with a piece of sealing wax."

Reach into left coat pocket for wax and leave ball of paper there. Give wax to assistant.

"Touch it three times."

Take back the wax.

"Now, all you have to do is to open the parcel and there are our envelopes. Open the first. Now the second. Now take the third one down to the owner of the coin and let him open the envelope and remove his

half dollar."

Assistant takes envelope down to loaner of coin.

"Just as soon as the owner has removed his coin, will you please bring the envelope right back to me again?"

This prevents assistant from examining the coin too closely. While assistant is returning to stage, say to owner of coin,

"That is your coin, is it not? It is. Thank you."


While all this is going on, it is easy for you to reach into your left coat pocket and Palm out the ball of paper from it. Grasp lapel of your coat again.

Now gather up envelopes from table and place ball of paper behind them. Say to assistant,

"Perhaps you would like to have all these envelopes as a souvenir of this little occasion. With the envelopes in your possession, you are sure to know how to do the experiment."

Take envelope from assistant and place with the rest. Show them freely, then roll them all up into a ball. Press Palmed ball against it and show both as one.

"Yours with pleasure."

Go through the routine as before, Palming ball of envelopes in left hand and handing ball of paper to assistant.

"And I suppose you want the magic sealing wax also."

Reach into pocket for sealing wax and leave ball of envelopes there.

"However, there is just a little warning I want to give you. Be careful when you are holding the envelopes in your hand not to touch your hand with the sealing wax."

As you say this, touch his hand with the wax.

"Or you will find that the envelopes will turn right back to plain paper again. I believe, after all, that I had better keep the sealing wax. (Place it in pocket again.) Just open the paper now.

Assistant opens ball and finds the two half sheets of newspaper instead of the envelopes. Help him to spread them out.

"Well, anyway you know how it is done -- and perhaps some day you will be good enough to tell me so that I can do it myself."

NOTE: You should have no difficulty in getting coin into nest of envelopes in pocket. If you desire, however, you may make a little tube of cardboard or tin. This must be large enough to allow a half dollar to slide through easily and must have a big enough opening to find easily.

Have tube made 1-1/2 inches wide by 1-1/4 inches high by 1/4 inch deep. It is open, of course, at top and bottom. Have a piece at back by which to clip tube to envelopes. Figure 23.

FftS 23

Figure 24 shows how tube fits into slits in the three envelopes. This allows an open passage for the coin into the smallest envelope. After coin has been dropped in, remove the tube and leave it in pocket.

A fascinating lesson with coins in which you learn to make the half dollars appear and disappear most mysteriously. You learn to pick them from here and there out of the air, from your elbow, from your knees, from a spectator's ear, from every imaginable place. And for presentation you learn these interesting effects:

1 -- The Miser's Dream. A quantity of coins are caught in rapid succession from the air with the empty hand, and are then tossed into a hat. More coins are then produced from your knees, from a lady's hair, etc.

2 -- A knot is tied in a borrowed handkerchief. A marked coin is then borrowed from a spectator and placed in an envelope. In a puzzling manner the coin travels from the envelope into the knot in the handkerchief.

3 -- Two clever methods for vanishing a coin which is wrapped in paper.

4 -- Two empty glass tumblers are shown. Into one are counted five half dollars. This is then held in left hand. Other glass is held in right hand some distance away. Upon command the coins pass one at a time from the left glass to the empty right one.

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