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Take an elastic band, about Size 18 as manufactured by Eberhard Faber and sold at any book or stationery store. Cut off one end of the rubber band. Be sure to use fresh rubbers and test them to see that they do not break easily.

Take the King of Clubs and the Queen of Diamonds from an extra deck. Cut a small hole in the upper part of each card. Through the hole in the King push one end of the rubber band. Pull it through until about an inch and a half of band from hole to curve in band is left on face side of card. Figure 1.

Figure 2 shows arrangement of rubber band on face of King. Now with a wire clamping machine, such as is used in offices to fasten papers together, clamp a staple across the rubber so that it fastens it securely on both sides of card.

Now take the Queen and push the other end of rubber band through hole in this card from the back through to the front. King and Queen should face in same direction and should not face each other. Treat the rubber band similarly as you did with the King.

Figure 3 shows how the two cards look with rubber band hanging down between them and ends clamped to the cards.

Experimentation will teach you how tight and how long you will want the rubber band to get the proper rising of the cards. I have found the most satisfactory length of the band to be about two and a quarter inches when it is held straight out between the cards. Figure 4.

To complete the band arrangement, cut the extra length of the bands from the two ends, allowing about a quarter of an inch to hang down beyond staples. You cut these ends from the back of the King and the face of the Queen.

If a wire stapling machine is not handy for your use, push the band through the King in the same manner as described above and sew it to the King with needle and thread. Then spread glue over the back of the card and on the rubber band and place another card over it. The two cards should be carefully glued together as one.

Now take any indifferent card and push the rubber through it as you did with the Queen in arrangement above. Sew band to this card. Spread glue well over the face of it and over end of rubber band. Place the Queen on this card, facing outward. Press cards together well to look like one card with band securely held.

The resulting arrangement looks just like that described above and shown in Figure 3.

Have prepared cards in center of deck, stapled ends nearest you. On "Top" of deck place a duplicate King of Clubs and Queen of Diamonds.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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