Secret And Patter To Prepare

Paint the board any color you choose on both sides. Black is the color generally used.

On the back of the board make a border of one-fourth inch elastic tape about two inches from the edges. Glue or tack this border to the board, leaving on one of the long sides a space large enough to permit the insertion of a card. Figure 1.




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FIG. 1

If desired, this board may be taped on both sides. To the audience it looks like a decoration, but it serves a much more useful purpose.

Push the thumb tack through the center of the extra card (assuming here that it is the Four of Diamonds).

The head of the tack must be on the face of the card and the point at the back. Figure 2.

Place this card under the tape on back of board. Face of card should be against board and tack should be resting on tape. Figure 3.

Place the board on a nearby chair, leaning it up against back of chair, or let it lie on the table.

Run through your pack of cards, pick out the Four of Diamonds and place it on top of the deck in preparation for forcing.

To Perform:

This is an excellent trick in which to use a small boy as an assistant. Request that one come up from audience and, as usual, learn his name. Suppose it is Theodore.

Have the deck of cards in your hands.

"Theodore, you are! about to come in to your own. While the audience isn't looking, I want you to select one of these fifty-two cards."

FORCE the Four of Diamonds. (Lesson 14.)

"Show it to the audience, but do not let me see it."

Turn your back to Theodore while he shows the card to audience. Pick up rubber bands. "Now take the pack and shuffle your card in among the rest of the cards." Theodore takes pack, places his card in it, and shuffles it. "Sort of shuffling along, I should say." Take pack.

"We shall just place a rubber band around the pack this way."

Place one rubber band around pack the short way. "And another around the other way." Place the other band around the cards the long way.

Show cards securely bound with rubber bands. Hold pack in left hand and show both sides. Figure 4.

Walk over to chair or table and pick up board in this manner: Deck of cards held by left thumb on front of board, card with tack on back of board held by left fingers. Figure 5.

"Step over this way, Theodore, a foot or two."

Motion to him with right hand, turning your right side toward audience. This brings your left hand with board and cards away from audience.

Reach over and take board with right hand. The Four of Diamonds with the tack in it is automatically slipped from the back of the board to "top" of the pack. Square this card up with the pack.

"And hold this board. You may hold either side or both, if you like."

Show both sides of board, then give it to the boy to hold with taped side away from audience. Figure 6.

"Hold it tight so that all your friends can see both you and the board."

Be careful to keep faces of deck of cards toward audience so that they cannot see the detached card at rear.

Now reach into pocket and pretend to bring out a tack held between tip of first finger and thumb of right hand.

"Theodore, this is a tack which I hold here in my hand. Have you ever come into sudden and unexpected contact with one? It is remarkable, isn't it, how a simple tack can find one out? I'll just place this one inside the deck."

Open the cards a little about in the center of the pack and pretend to place the tack there. Figure 7.

Allow cards to come together again. Hold deck again facing the audience, in left hand with palm and fingers screening back of deck.

"Do you remember, Theodore, the card which you selected and shuffled into the pack? You do? Let me congratulate you. What was the card? The Four of Diamonds? You are sure it wasn't the eight or the nine? All right -- the Four."

Take deck and prepared Four of Diamonds in right hand. Hold as in Figure 8.

"Hold the board tight. One — two— three."

Then throw cards against the board so that they strike flat. The force of the throw and the weight of the deck will drive the tack into the board and fasten the Four of Diamonds securely on it. Figure 9.

The pack of cards falls to the floor, but does not scatter because of the rubber bands. The audience can see that it is still intact, bound by the rubber bands.

"The Four of Diamonds."

Take board from boy.

"Sit down, Theodore, and recuperate."

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