Secret And Patter To Prepare

Place the green silk in the bottom of the tube, first pushing in the center of the silk and then the four corners. Arrange silk so that it fits in snugly without any ends sticking out, Figure 3.

Adjust the loop over thumb so that tube hangs down in center of palm, Figure 4.

(Should you need to replace the catgut, just get some surgeon's catgut, No. 0. In emergency a fine violin string will do, or a piece of fine white thread.)

When you handle the apparatus, do so in a NATURAL manner. You can curl third and fourth fingers over tube or let it just swing suspended from thumb, keeping thumb spread apart from fingers, Figure 5.

There are various ways in which you can get hold of apparatus. One way is to have it in your pocket, together with the second silk, and to get it as you reach into pocket for silk.

Tube may be hanging on a small nail or brad at back of table or at back of a chair. Thus if you have been performing with a silk, you may place it in your pocket for a moment and then bring it out again for the next experiment, getting the tube—or you may lay silk on table or over back of chair to secure tube. As apparatus is small, it is very easy to conceal and easy to get hold of without being detected.

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