Secret And Patter To Prepare

The séance itself is practically impromptu. However, if you desire to use a cabinet, you may have it built.

A good metal worker or carpenter can fix up a frame for you. This should be of metal pipe or of wood and so arranged that it can be easily taken apart and put together. It should be made to fold up so that it can be packed for carrying from place to place.

Figure 26 is a diagram, suggesting the frame which may be used for cabinet.

Cabinet should then be covered with cloth -- fitting it over the sides and back. It may also be stretched over the top. Cloth covering should be so arranged as to be easily put on frame and removed, Figure 27.

Figure 26 is a diagram, suggesting the frame which may be used for cabinet.

About a foot from top of frame stretch a wire across front of cabinet. Make a curtain with curtain rings at top to be strung on this wire. Attach curtain to one side of cabinet to prevent exposure when curtain is drawn across front of cabinet, Figure 28.

The cabinet is merely a means of covering your movements in the séance but it also adds good Showmanship. When you cannot use a cabinet, you can get a good effect by just stretching a wire across the room or stage with curtain suspended from it by curtain rings. Curtain need not extend all the way to the floor. Assistant can slide this curtain back and forth in front of you, as required, Figure 29.

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