Secret And Patter To Prepare

Have a double envelope prepared. (Lesson 8.) Seal flap of envelope down tight. Then tear off end just as you would do in opening a letter. This gives you a new form for using the double envelope. You will note that envelope looks like an ordinary one. Only you know that it has a middle partition which can be held against either side so that envelope may be shown to be apparently empty on either side. Figure 26.

Fix up the piece of red tissue paper to look like a letter from the Devil. With water color or black ink, make a letter-head which can readily be seen by

the audience. Under this write the special message, which may be something especially fitted for the occasion or something general which you may use at any time, changing it to suit the occasion as you read it. Figure 27.

Your message may read something like this:

My dear (your name):

Sorry I had to disappoint you by not causing the selected card to appear in the banana, but because of the shortage of pineapples in Greenland it was impossible for me to help you at this time.

I am, however, returning the selected card to you. Regards to Mr and the rest of the boys.

Your sincere friend,


Fold this red tissue very carefully, two folds each way to make it about 3 x 4 inches. Push this letter well down to closed end of envelope so that it is hidden.

Take 5 Court Cards, Jacks and Kings, from the deck and place them on top. Then remove the Four of Hearts and place it on top of the Court Cards for Forcing.

Take the extra Four of Hearts which you need from the extra pack which we used in the first effect of this lesson. Also take an extra Two of Hearts or any heart card.

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