Secret And Patter To Prepare

Remove the King and Queen of Hearts and the Jack of Diamonds from the deck. Shuffle the deck well and count off 23 cards.

These 23 cards must be specially prepared. Take one card and place it on a board. With a sharp pen-knife, cut out the index number and figure in one corner of the card. Figure 8.

Prepare the other 22 cards in the same way, making all the holes as nearly the same size as possible. Prepare the Queen of Hearts in the same way also.

Place the 23 prepared cards together in a packet with the holes all in line. Then place the Queen of Hearts on the "Bottom" of the packet and the Jack of Diamonds on the "Top."

If any card from the other half of the deck is placed in this packet, except on the top or bottom, it can easily be detected. The index shows plainly through the holes cut in the other cards, Figure 9.

The prepared part of the cards can easily be hidden by the right thumb as you hold cards in your hand. Figure 10.

Place the King of Hearts under the Queen at the "Bottom" of the deck. Then put this prepared half of the

cards on the other half. By fanning cards out, faces up, you can easily find the King of Hearts. You know then to divide the cards into two packets at this point.

In handling the deck, use moderate care not to expose the index holes.

Place deck in card case.

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