Secret And Patter To Prepare

Note how the special vanishing wand is made. It is a black paper shell with wooden plugs which fit into each end. Place this wand alongside of the regular wand and you will find them very similar in appearance. Figure 1.

Because of the solid ends on the special wand, it can be tapped on the table and shown apparently to be solid. Even if it is dropped on the floor, it sounds as though it were solid and a regular wand.

Have wand and paper on table, or if you choose, you may enter with special wand in your hands.

Tuck the solid wand away beforehand in your inside coat pocket. Push the upper end back under pit of right arm so that there will be no danger of exposure. Better still, make a long narrow pocket for the wand to fit into. To do this, just sew a piece of black cloth of the proper size inside of your coat.

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