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The Master Hat — This is not difficult to make and yet it is very effective. It is based on an idea in hat Magic conceived by Brunel White of England. He has brought out quite a number of clever ideas, but this hat alone should make his name go down in magical history.

To make up this hat, it is necessary to invest in two black derby hats. Get one in a large size and the other in a size to fit into the first. While you are at the store, turn sweat-band of large hat out and fit a hat into first one to make sure that one crown fits inside of the other. Do this before purchasing hats so that you get the proper sizes.

Take the smaller hat and cut the brim off. Raise the inner band of larger hat and sink the brimless crown into it about half-way. Explanation of the flap comes a little farther on, Figure 1.


The best way to determine how far the crown should go down inside of the other hat is to place about a dozen or more eggs on bottom of hat and then place crown down on top of them, Figure 2.

Now cut down crown so that it comes just below edge of hat. Fold inner band of hat down inside of false crown, covering the edge. One can look into hat from a distance of a few feet and it looks like an ordinary hat.

Raise inner band of hat again and remove false crown. In center of false crown cut out a rectangular piece, straight at one end and rounded at the other. Hole should be large enough to permit you to reach down with your hand and pull an egg through it. Cut hole with sharp knife so that edges are even as piece cut out is to be used as flap, Figure 3.

On two long edges of opening glue strips of black felt or dull ribbon. Fit flap into opening and glue a piece of black felt, black cloth, or dull black ribbon over straight edge to act as hinge, Figure 4.

Remove trade-mark label, mount it on piece of stiff black cloth or cardboard, and glue it on flap with one end extending over free edge of flap about a quarter of an inch. This little edge gives you something to grasp easily when you wish to raise flap. Figure 5.

Figure 6 is a diagram of arrangement of flap in false crown.

With false crown placed in hat, inner band down over edge, and flap down flat, inside of hat may be shown empty even though the concealed compartment between the two crowns is full of articles. Then when flap is raised, articles can easily be removed from bottom compartment, Figure 7.

Place eggs in bottom compartment of prepared hat and close flap. Place an egg in right coat pocket. Put the paper or rubber sheeting on floor at right of stage.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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