Secret And Patter To Prepare

It might be well to explain here just what a rainbow silk is. It is merely a silk which has been colored in a variety of tints, thus resembling a rainbow. The silks I usually work with are arranged in colors as shown in

Figure 32. The blue, pink, light green, and orange has a pretty effect.

A great variety of color combinations may be used, however. If you desire to tint your own silks, get some white Chinese silk and daub it with various colors in Diamond Dyes. Wad the silk and dip it in spots, then hang it up to dry.

Diamond And Silk Lie Under Oath

Now to prepare for the effect, tie a blue corner of the rainbow silk to a corner of the blue silk. Tuck the rainbow silk into one of the hollow billiard balls. Start with center of silk and work it in until knot is concealed in ball and opposite blue corner of rainbow silk extends about three inches outside of ball, Figure 33.

Have silks thus prepared lying on table with blue silk covering ball. Place green silk and other rainbow silk beside the blue one. Have other hollow ball in right coat pocket or under rear part of rainbow silk. If you are doing club work, silks may be in your suitcase ready for use, or all silks may be in your right coat pocket.

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