Secret And Patter To Prepare

Cut out a piece of the carbon paper, making it about one-half inch smaller all around than the book. Paste it by the corners to the inside of paper jacket on front cover. Have carbon side toward outside so that when jacket is replaced on book, carbon side is next to book. Figure 11.

Place a sheet of white paper the same size as the carbon on the front cover of the book so that it is directly under the carbon when book is closed. If you desire, you may paste corners of this paper to book. Figure 12.

Place the jacket carefully around the book again. Trim it down so that it laps front cover only about one inch. If you do this properly, the book looks like an ordinary book and no one suspects that it has been tampered with.


Now—when a piece of paper is put on the front side of jacket and is written or drawn on, the pencil marks are immediately transferred to the paper underneath the carbon inside of the cover of the book.

Figure 13 shows how the drawing is made on a piece of paper on top of the book. This same drawing is now also on the piece of paper inside the book.

This prepared book is a valuable piece of apparatus and can be utilized in many ways. It is a common thing to use a book to write on, and therefore this book does not arouse suspicion. When you give it to spectator, he thinks you are merely giving him something handy to write on.

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