Secret And Patter To Prepare

This effect requires a prearrangement of four cards which can be done in a moment. Run through the pack and pick out the following cards:

Eight of Clubs

Four of Hearts

Two of Spades

Ace of Diamonds

Figure 20.

Place these four cards on top of the pack of cards in the order designated, with the Eight of Clubs on top.

Each suit is contained in the four cards and any number from one to thirteen can be made by using each card singly or adding one or more of them together, thus:

If Selected Card Is:

Produce from Pocket:


Ace of Diamonds


Two of Spades


Ace plus Two Spot


Four of Hearts


Four plus Ace


Four plus Two


Four plus Two plus Ace


Eight of Clubs


Eight plus Ace


Eight plus Two

Jack 11

Eight plus Two plus Ace

Queen 12

Eight plus Four

King 13

Eight plus Four plus Ace

To Perform:

Hold deck with backs of cards up. Fan it enough so that little finger of left hand can be easily slipped under the four arranged cards.

Palm the four cards in right hand and reach into right trouser's pocket. Push cards up into upper corner of pocket as you did in Lesson 12. Remove handkerchief from pocket and then pull pocket out to show it empty. Replace pocket.

"Will you, please, give the pack a thorough shuffle?"

Give deck to spectator who shuffles it.

"That's what they call the (some small town) shuffle. Now remove any card -- just any card you would like -- but do not show it to me yet. Now give me the deck of cards. I shall place it here in my pocket."

Take deck. Place it in pocket with backs of cards toward audience and in back of cards already there. These four cards are now on top of deck which makes them easy to get at.

"In Magic one develops a very keen sense of touch -- so keen that playing cards can be distinguished by a touch of the fingers. To illustrate: The gentleman here thoroughly shuffled a deck of cards and then selected a card from it. I placed the) shuffled deck in my pocket. (To spectator holding card) Will you, please, tell me the suit of your card -- whether it is a Club, Heart, Spade, or Diamond? A SPADE?"

Reach into pocket and produce the third card down, which is the Two of Spades. Show it to the audience so that all can see it.

"A SPADE? And what is the number of the card? An ACE?"

Reach into pocket and bring forth the ACE of Diamonds.

Remove deck from pocket and take card from spectator. NOTE:

Where speed in performance is necessary, as in stage work, performer does not even bother to take up selected card. It is better to step quickly into the next effect.

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