Secret And Patter To Prepare

Put a coating of glue over top of inner cover and spread confetti or bran all over it. In this effect we shall use confetti. Figure 29.

When this prepared inner cover is placed in lining in vase, it gives appearance of vase full of confetti.

Take the coil of paper ribbon, and by pushing center of it down and spreading ribbon, form it into a cone shape to fit into bottom of lining.

Figure 30 shows coil of paper ribbon. Figure 31 shows the way it is spread to fit into lining of vase. Figure 32 shows inside of vase as it actually looks with paper ribbon in it.

Fill rest of lining with candy, silks, or load you decide on. Here we shall use candy kisses. Place inner cover on lining.

Figure 33 shows arrangement of insert or lining—with ribbon on bottom and candy filling it and confetti-covered top on it.

Place insert or lining in box of confetti in such position as to make it easy to scoop it up by vase secretly, Figures 34 and 35.

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