Secret And Patter To Prepare

Have deck of cards, tumbler, and envelope on the table at your left and slightly back of you. To Perform:

Ask two gentlemen to come up from audience to assist you Suppose their names are Jones and Brown.

Have Jones stand at your left and a little in front of you, and Brown in a similar position at the right. Be sure that assistants do not screen your movements from the audience.

Pick up the cards, fan them, and ask Brown at your right to select any card, remember it, show it to audience, and return it to the deck.

After he has complied with your instructions, perform the SIMPLIFIED PASS to get the selected card to the top of the deck.

Then say to Brown, who has just selected card:

"It may seem quite remarkable, but the card you selected is having a difficult time in staying in the center of the deck and insists on coming to the top."

Lift up the "TWO" top cards and show as one.

Spectator, of course, denies this.

"No? That's strange. It must be. You are certain that it is not? If that's the case, I shall just isolate this card in this glass to keep it away from the other cards to prevent it from getting in the way again."

Place the pack of cards on table.

Pick up glass with left hand and place the TWO cards in it, facing audience. Let us assume that the indifferent card which you showed to audience is the Six of Spades. The selected card is back of this card, but, of course, the audience is not aware of this. They think you have merely placed this one indifferent card in the glass. Figure 21, next page.

With right hand pick up envelope from table.

Say to Brown:

"Here is an envelope which I wish you to examine. See that it is empty and that there are no money orders, thousand dollar bills, or bathing suits present. Now, just seal it."

Take envelope with right hand and place it behind the glass which is still in left hand. Hold envelope against glass with left thumb. Figure 22.

Hold glass and envelope up in left hand so that audience can see card in glass. Pick up deck of cards with right hand and give it to Jones at left. Figure 23.

"Will you take the deck, sir?"

To Brown,

"And will you choose any number between one and twenty? Just any number. What is it? Twelve. Then if the card you selected is not the one in the glass, then it must be the twelfth card in the deck."

To Jones.

"Will you count the cards one at a time and let us see the twelfth card?"

As you turn to ask Brown to select a number, you turn slightly to the right. This brings the glass and envelope around so that the envelope is in front of the glass and covers the glass and card. Figure 24.

As you speak to Brown, put right hand on top edge of envelope, fingers in front and thumb in back resting on Six of Spades. Figure 25.

As you speak to Jones, pull the Six of Spades up out of the glass behind the envelope. Use the envelope to accent gesture in talking and pointing to Jones.

It looks perfectly natural to pick up envelope for the gesture. Audience does not suspect that you have a card concealed behind it for they see the card in the glass and do not know you had two cards there. The back of the card in the glass is, of course, toward the audience and must be kept that way until the CLIMAX.

Hold envelope in right hand and glass in left hand while Jones counts down to the twelfth card. Figure 26.

Jones shows twelfth card. This, of course, is an indifferent card and not the one selected. To Brown,

"Was that the card you selected? No? This IS strange. You say the card in the glass is not your card nor is the twelfth card your card. According to the laws of Magic if the card does not appear at the number you selected, IT MUST BE THE ONE IN THE GLASS."

Turn the glass and show selected card in it instead of the Six of Spades which the audience saw there formerly. Suppose the selected card is the King of Hearts.

"Is that right?"

Set glass on table with left hand and with same hand remove the card.

"The King of Hearts was your card? Correct. What card did you think was in the glass? The Six of Spades?

Drop the King on the table after saying, "Correct."

Place left hand on envelope and grasp card and envelope with fingers in front and thumb in back. With right hand tear off one end of envelope to open it. Figure 27.

With first and second fingers of right hand reach into envelope and open it up a little. You pretend that you are reaching into the envelope for something. The spectator knows that he sealed this envelope when it was empty. Figure 28.

Slant top of envelope back toward yourself a little so that audience cannot see top opening. Pull the card up from behind envelope. The effect is that you take the card from the inside of the envelope. Figure 29.

"The Six of Spades is in the envelope."

Your next lesson is tremendously interesting and valuable lesson. It is devoted to experiments with Rising Cards -- experiments which are fraught with mystery and entertainment.

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